Kaiten Sushi

Students pass around pictures of sushi with music playing. Whoever is holding sushi when the music stops has to write a sentence.

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  • All of the students form a large circle and start passing around the sushi cards when the music starts. When the music is stopped, the students holding the cards must come to the blackboard and write a sentence using a word with the first letter of the sushi name. For example, "kanpachi" starts with a "k" so a word like "key" is acceptable.
  • This activity can used for various grammar points as well. For example, if the grammar point was "How many...?" They have to make a sentence using that point.


  • Small groups like lunch groups work great for classes with little space to move the desks around.


  • I used the song, スシ食いねェ!by シブがき隊, it's from 1986! (≧∇≦)
  • Make an audio CD with the song you choose. A computer's volume is not enough.


  • The classroom can become noisy. Don't let the students throw the cards as they should be laminated and tell them to hand them gently to prevent paper cuts.



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Estimated time: 15-30 min

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May 20, 2019

Jake the Admin May 20, 2019

We couldn't attach the mp3 that comes with the activity, but I was able to find a karaoke version of the song on Spotify if you have a method of playing it in class (maybe a Bluetooth speaker or something).

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