Tsum Tsum My Summer Vacation

Materials for Elementary School 'You Can' My Summer Vacation Lesson

I used the same game for two lessons. In the first I just introduced 'Great' 'Good' and 'Okay' and in the second lesson I introduced other adjectives.

The Tsum Tsum game they worked together in pairs (It was a small class) to answer the questions then came to the teacher with an answer. Then picked a letter on the Tsum Tsum screen to get points.

In one lesson they did the interview activity.

In the finally two lessons they prepared their presentations and presented them to the class.


My Summer Vacation Presentation.docx

Past Tense Key Words 1.docx

Past Tense Key Words 2.docx

Tsum tsum game PART 1.pptx

tsum tsum game PART 2.pptx

Tsum Tsum Game Worksheet.pdf

What did you do INTERVIEWS.docx

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May 15, 2019


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