Daily Activities and Time Materials

A collection of material to practice daily activities and time

I often start with my time 3 choice quiz. I Say I get up at this time. And write three examples on the board (6:00, 6:30, 7:05) and the students try to guess which time. After each group has guessed do an answer check by having them ask 'What time do you get up?'. Do one or two more rounds (usually switching with the JTE) and practice 'eat dinner' and 'go to bed'.

The Lucky 45 and Lucky 60 games are group games to practice numbers from 45 to 60. Demonstrate with the JTE. After students determine their order they take turns calling out 1 2 or 3 numbers and then circling those numbers on the worksheet. The student that gets to call out 45 or 60 depending on the sheet is the winner. If the group has time they can play again with a different worksheet.

The memory game takes a lot of preparation since you need to cut out and prepare enough card sets for each group but it is worth the effort. Kids do enjoy this game. They take turns making sentences such as 'I get up' 'at 7:00' and flipping over two cards. If the hidden picture matches they keep the two cards. If not they flip them back over again and the next student has a turn. Continue until you reach a time limit or until one or two groups have finished. The students with the most collected cards are the winners.

The minglers are a simple interview activity. Do them one round at a time. The students fill in their information such as 'I get up at 6:00' and then make pairs and collect information from each other. Once they've collected three student's info they determine who gets up the earliest and fill in the answer at the bottom '....is the early bird' and show the teacher to get a stamp. Complete the round when a few students have gotten stamps then go onto the next round and the next question.

The powerpoint is a point get game that I use with very small classes only (usually no more than 3 or 4 groups). A group choices a daily activity and a time and then all together calls out 'I get up at ...'. You click on that activity to see how many points the group gets. Then move onto the next group. It is too much waiting for larger classes.


1st Year Daily Activities and Time Memory Game.docx

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1st Year Daily Activities Lucky 60.doc

1st Year Daily Activities Mingler (4 questions).docx

1st Year Daily Activities Mingler (6 questions).docx

1st Year Daily Activities Point Get Game (small classes).pptx

1st Year Daily Activities and Time Memory Game Worksheet.docx

1st Year Daily Activities and Time Memory Worksheet.docx

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Estimated time: It would take more than one lesson to do all these activities. Pick the ones you want to use.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

May 13, 2019

emilychampagne July 29, 2020

I used the Point Get Game ppt in 7th grade and it was a hit! Students made 6 groups of 6 and each group member had to answer at least once. Winning team got stickers. Thanks!

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