Connect 4

Students try to collect four passive cards of the same kind playing a game similar to the game, Go Fish.

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Originally submitted by Joyce P. Le / Mark Best on Sept 25, 2008.


  • Connect4 attachment: Set of cards for each group. The number of cards depend on how many students are in a group. Each student should get 4 cards. (remember to stack the cards so that there can only be 1-2 winners in each group, meaning that each set of cards should not have more than 2 sets of the same kind).


  • Give each student a copy of the worksheets and put them in groups.
  • Demonstrate with the JTE the game to show the students how to play. In a group of 4-5 students (depend on the class size), each student will ask anyone in the group for a card that s/he needs to collect all 4 of the same type of passive cards
  • The dialogue could be something like, "Do you have a book written in English?" (in other words, the speaker is looking for all the 'book' cards). The student who is being asked the question says, "Yes, I do" and gives the card to the speaker. When the speaker receives the card, in return they give a card s/he doesn't need to the answerer. Or, if the student doesn't have the card, they say "No, I don't" and it becomes the next person's turn.
  • The first student in the group to collect all 4 (ex. a book written in English, Chinese, French and Japanese) and shouts out "Bingo!" is the winner.
  • When a winner is crowned, have the group exchange the deck with another group who has also crowned a winner and the game continues.


  • Instead of groups, students go around the classroom and ask each other for the cards they want. When they collect 4 of a kind, they will go to the teacher and exchange for another set of cards (4 cards for each student). Students may cheat in this case so it is best to find a way to manage a big class and ensure students are speaking.


  • It doesn't matter if students find out which cards to collect to win because they are competing against each other. However, it is recommended that teachers don't tell students what kinds of card to collect and switch the decks among the groups when students finish a couple rounds.



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Estimated time: 50 min

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May 13, 2019


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