Students try to race across the Vocab Bridge to the opponent’s side. This game is also known as "Snake Line" or "Janken Line".

Originally submitted by Roger Parker
Make two teams of 4-5 students. Depending on the size of the class, you may need 4-5 games going on simultaneously.
Lay about ten large flashcards on the floor in a line, forming a trail of stepping-stones. The two teams line up at the opposite ends of the flashcards facing each other.
When the teacher says, “Go!” the first student starts with the flashcard in front of him/her, walking along the side, naming each card as he/she touches it.
Students play janken when they meet along the way.
The winner continues on. The loser goes to the back of their team's line. The next student in line immediately starts by saying and touching the flashcards in front of him/her as s/he moves toward the other team. When the two students meet up, they play janken.
If a student reaches the final flashcard on the other side, their team receives one point. The student returns to his/her team and the next student in line starts the process again.
Keep playing until each student gets a few chances to play.

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Estimated time: 5-15

Submitted by: ALTopedia

April 29, 2018


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