A write and race game to review New Crown Lesson Two. Works after they've done the Peter Rabbit story.

The worksheet has a collection of questions that students work in groups to answer. The first few are about the Peter Rabbit story and the rest review materials they've studied over the past two units. They pick a question (they can do them in order if they prefer) and answer it then bring the answer to a teacher. If their answer is okay they pick a number from the Peter Rabbit Game screen. If they get a carrot then their team gets a point. If they get chased by the farmer then they don't get a point and the teacher can click the next screen arrow to reset the game screen.

Working together with the JTE one teacher can check answers and the other control the computer. With a tablet I find both teachers can do both roles. Since the questions take a bit of time to answer their generally won't be too much of a rush of students all the time.

After that they go back to their group, pick another question and start working on it.

Notes about the game. The demo screen has two example questions. You click the button to show the question, the question to show the answer and then the answer to make question and answer disappear. The number two carrot causes the farmer to appear. I usually do that after demonstrating the second question.

If one or two groups finish I usually end the activity. Not every group will finish every question.


2-02C PETER RABBIT Review Activity.docx

2-02C Peter Rabbit Review Activity.pptx

2-02D PETER RABBIT Review Activity.docx

2-02D Peter Rabbit Review Activity.pptx

2-03A Peter Rabbit 'Will or Won't'.doc

2-03A Peter Rabbit 'Will or Won't'.pptx

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Estimated time: 30 minutes or so should do it. A slow class might struggle and a class with fast groups might wrap it up faster.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

April 18, 2019


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