ABC Snakes And Ladders

Alphabet Snakes and Ladders helps students recognize the letters of the Alphabet, review colors, and learn the vocabulary that goes with each letter.

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Originally submitted by Joyanne Baab on Apr 24, 2014.


  • Review the Alphabet (names and sounds) as well as vocabulary. (New Horizons page 4-5)
  • Show them the Gameboard. Explain that if they land on the ladder they go up. If they land on the snake they fall down. (sound effects always help). For some reason ALL of my students have assumed this goes both ways so EMPHASIZE that if they land on the tail of the snake they do NOT go up and if they land on the top of the ladder or in the middle they do NOT go down.
  • Explain if they land on a letter, they have to say the name and the sound out loud. (A /a/). If they land on a picture they have to say the letter and the word. If they land on a Japanese color they have to say it in English. You can decide for yourself if you're going to make their friends check for errors and force them to go back or not, it might depend on your class. And that's it!
  • Split them up groups of 3-4 and give them dice. The first kid in each group to get to the GOAL! gets a sticker.


  • I usually just demonstrate the rules of snakes and ladders like this: Snakes are BAAAAD. you fall down - (whistle and then BANG-[sound effect]) - Ladders are good. You climb up. (Do-do-do-do-dong YAYsound effect])- If you are here. Show at the tail of the snake. do you go up? Get them to nod or shake their head - then make a big X with your hands - NOOOOOO. If you land here - show them the top of the ladder do you go down? X - NOOOOOO - Snakes go DOWN, Ladders go UP!) They usually get it after this.



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Estimated time: 15-20 min

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April 17, 2019


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