World Race

Students practice speaking English and countries' name while they move around the world.

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Originally submitted by Brent Badger on May 29, 2011.


  • WorldRace attachements: To save file space, you will need to partially rebuild the worksheet, but it is a simple copy/paste job of country flags.


  • Review the countries with the students. Pay special attention to Europe because the worksheet is a little messy in there.
  • This can be used as a country activity or a conversation activity that involves countries. For example, "Where are you? I’m in ___. Are you from __? Yes, I am. / No, I’m not."
  • On the blackboard write numbers from one to the number of students you have in the class. Hand a copy of the game-board to all the students.
  • This is a board game without dice. To progress the students need to janken. The winner moves forward two spaces and tells the other student which country he or she is in. The loser moves forward one space and tells the winner what country they are in.
  • If you are using a dialogue. The students should do the lesson’s conversation. In the conversation they should incorporate the country they are in. A) Are you from Canada? B) Yes, I am/ No, I’m not.
  • The countries that have stars next to them have mystery cards. If a student lands on one of these countries, they first should do the dialogue with the other student. When they are finished they should go to the ALT or the JT. The teacher should do the conversation again and let the student take a card. They should follow the instructions on the card. It is a little similar to the chance card from Monopoly.
  • If the student has landed on China they should take a card with the Chinese flag. Same goes with the other countries.
  • The students should track their progress by getting the student they have interviewed to sign their paper. If they lose ground they should erase the signatures that are before their position.
  • When the students start finishing. They should write their names on the board. Instead of sitting down, they should continue to janken and do interviews with the students who are not yet finished.
  • Reward the top three students. Choose some lucky numbers and reward the students who have finished in that place.


  • A second way to play this is to laminate the worksheet and get the students to play in smaller groups. Using erasers and the such, as game pieces.


  • There can be quite a queue for the cards. You can divide the deck between the ALT and the HRT.


  • Make sure students are speaking English.



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Estimated time: 15-30 min

Submitted by: Englipedia Archive

April 15, 2019


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