Was Eating Cookies

Students ask each other "What were you doing last night?" to find out who was eating the cookies last night.

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Originally submitted by Shannon Lough on Jun 03, 2011.

Detailed Explanation:

  • Explain to the students that the cookies you baked last night are all gone. You ask the students to be detectives to solve the mystery, "Who was eating the cookies last night?"
  • Students are given a small card with their alibi written on it, for example, "I was walking home at six." They will write down their alibi on their handout.
  • Then they will all stand up and ask each other, "What were you doing last night?" to fill in the schedule on the handout. Make sure they are using English to ask each other. They will write the names of the other students that they ask in the squares, for example, "Takuya was playing soccer" in the 6:00 pm time square.
  • Once every square is written in, students sit down, and you ask them who they think was eating the cookies last night. Only one student will be given the card "I was busy then" and students will guess that this student is guilty, since he/she doesn't have a good alibi.


  • Boys and girls don't like to speak to each other, but they have to in order to complete the activity. Try to help them out by walking around the class and encouraging them.



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Estimated time: 15-20 min

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April 15, 2019


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