Guess The Number

Students have to try to guess a number from within a set range. The less guesses, the more the points.

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Originally submitted by Roger Parker on Apr 29, 2008.


  • After reviewing the numbers and teaching the words "higher" and "lower," divide up to 2 teams. This activity can be played with more teams but I've had great success with boys versus girls. Assign points to make it more interesting: 1~2 guesses = 10pts, 3~4 guesses = 8pts, 5 guesses = 5pts, etc.
  • Then, the ALT/JTE chooses a number and the first team guesses a number. Depending on the chosen number, the ALT/JTE says 'higher' or 'lower'.


  • Only allow 10 guesses.


  • For lower-level classes, it is a good idea to write the guesses on the chalkboard, or have the students write them.

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Estimated time: 5-15 min

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April 12, 2019


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