Ice Hockey Games

A sign game and a quiz game. This version is for the first person 'be verb'
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I've added a template of just the game. I've had some problems with students touching the goalie which has the hyperlink to game over. I've moved the hyperlink to a patch of ice at the right hand bottom of the screen. You can sub out the existing screens with these if you want.

Is similar to Battleship. Select one of three options and circle it. The circled option is your ‘Yes’ answer and the other two are ‘No’ answers.

Make a pair and play rock scissors paper. The winner asks the first question. For example ‘Are you hungry?’ if that option isn’t circled then the loser asks ‘No, I’m not’ and they switch turns. The loser now has a chance to ask a question, for example ‘Are you happy?’ Again if that answer is not circled then the answer is ‘No, I’m not’ and they switch again.

The pair continues until one asks the circled answer and their partner answers ‘Yes, I am’ Then the winner says ‘sign please’ and their partner signs their sheet and they say bye and find new partners. Play until you’ve collected 3 signs.

It is possible to get the right answer on the first question. In that case the first student gets the sign and the other student doesn’t get a chance to ask a question.

The presentation has a demonstration screen for this activity.

I'm doing this with the first year simple verbs and the second year 'will' and 'won't. It is a pair activity. One player plays team America and the other team Canada. Start with an eraser in the center. They do rock scissors paper. The winner moves towards the losers goal one space and asks a question based on the key words. The loser answers and they do rock scissors paper again. Continue until somebody gets a goal and then record the point, return the eraser to the center and continue the activity. I generally play 3 minutes the first round with the #1 paper. Then switch to the #2 paper and play again for another 2 minutes. At the end of each round ask who the winner was and cheer them. This is the same as the soccer game I'll provide a link to.

This is a write and race activity to be played in groups. There will be a list of questions and the students work together to write their answers then one member comes up with their answer. If the answer is okay they select whether they want to shot right, center or left. If they get a score their team gets a point. If not they don’t. Once a team scores you click on the score banner to move to the next screen.

The list of questions can be given at the start or each question can be cut out and given to the students as they complete the previous question. Either way it is important that the student bringing the answer also brings the question paper. That way the teachers can prevent the students from answering the same questions again and again.

The first year ‘Be verb’ version of the activity has two key words. The students select whether they write ‘I am~’ or I’m not~’. Usually when they come up I also have them introduce themselves. Although everyone should write the answers they don’t all need the same answers.


Ice Hockey Game (Be verb).docx

Ice Hockey Game (Be verb).pptx

Ice Hockey Games and Quiz (Be Verb).pptx

1st Year Ice Hockey 'Be verb WRITING ONLY'.docx

1st Year Ice Hockey 'Be verb WRITING ONLY'.pptx

1年生 Do you play ICE HOCKEY.docx

1年生 ICE HOCKEY GAME Review 'simple verbs'.doc

1年生 ICE HOCKEY GAME Review 'simple verbs'.pptx

2年生 will or won't ICE HOCKEY GAME.pptx

2年生 will or won't ICE HOCKEY GAME.doc

2年生 will you play ICE HOCKEY.docx

ICE HOCKEY TEMPLATE hyperlink moved.pptx

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Estimated time: both activities together take about 40 minutes

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

April 09, 2019


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