This is a modified Snakes and Ladders game to review grammar points for JHS first grade (in this version, VERB TENSES). Can be played with individual players or in groups.

  • Rules are generally the same with the usual Snakes and Ladders Game.

Materials: Slides and Ladders Board (Rockets and Parachutes board also included in the file)
こま Marker Piece
Red and Blue Question Cards Set
**Prepare the question cards depending on the grammar point you want your students to practice in this activity. The attached question cards focused on simple present, present progressive, and simple past tense.

How to Play:
1. Decide the order of players by rolling the dice.
2. Lay question card face down.
3. After rolling the dice and landing on the corresponding tile, the player picks a question card. The color of the card is determined by the tile/number he lands on.
4. The player answers the question or does the instructions on the card drawn.
5. Note that not all card contain questions. Some cards are special cards, which include CHANCE (switch places with the leading player), ROLL AGAIN, CHALLENGE (challenge the other players to a janken, English shiritori, or staring contest), LOSE A TURN, PENALTY (move back # spaces), and BONUS (move forward # spaces).
6. The first player to reach the finish tile wins.




Total 1

Estimated time: 30-60 minutes (may be longer or shorter, depending on the teacher)

Submitted by: Joey_Ph

April 09, 2019


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