Breakfast Bingo Balls

This is a bingo activity where the students themselves choose which words to read out and in pairs ask each other the questions.

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Originally submitted by Tracey Clingen on Jul 02, 2009.


  • BreakfastBingoBalls worksheet
  • Two soft balls (not to be confused with 'softballs')


  • You will hand out a worksheet to each student who will choose answer from the bottom of the page to the questions and write them in the bingo grid. For example, "What do you have for lunch?" Available answers are: Chicken, beef, fish, rice, etc. Repeat the process for lunch and dinner.
  • After they have filled out the grid completely, practice asking and answering the questions a bit.
  • Then, pass out the soft balls. Give two students on opposite sides of the class a soft ball each. They must stand up. If your balls are different colors, you assign the blue-ball as the question ball, and the yellow-ball as the answer ball, otherwise play Janken to determine the questioner.
  • The blue-ball student then asks a question from the first row of the worksheet, "What do you have for breakfast?" The yellow-ball student answers. The rest of the students listen and if they have that word they can cross it off.
  • The students may then pass the balls GENTLY to a nearby students who will then stand up and ask the next row's question, "What do you have for lunch?"
  • Limit their choices by saying they can only pass the ball to the student immediately left, right, back or forward. Otherwise, they may throw the ball too hard, which usually results in students ducking out of the way of the ball than catching it.


This activity is useful for any open-question grammar point.

  • "What's your favourite...?"
  • Sports - soccer, tennis thumb-wrestling etc.
  • Subjects - English, science etc.

Try it with "What's your favourite..."

  • SPORT (soccer, tennis, thumb-wrestling...)
  • COLOR (red, peuce, magenta...)
  • SUBJECT (English, Science...)


  • If you hand out prizes to the winners of the activity, let them know in advance what the prizes are for getting BINGO, and how may prizes there are. This helps intensify the concentration of the students, as well as puts a limit on the length of the game.


  • Make sure your ball/item is SOFT if your gonna be throwing it. You might look at a 100 yen store for these types of balls.
  • Limit their choices by saying they can only pass the ball to the student immediately left, right, back or forward, otherwise, they may throw the ball and students will usually avoid catching it.



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Estimated time: 15-30 min

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April 09, 2019


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