Doctor Doctor

Two activities for practicing the New Crown 3rd Year 'Lets Talk Two'

First activity is a mingler.

Make pairs and do janken. The winner is the doctor and the loser the patient. The patient calls for the doctor and then does a gesture imitating one of the ailments on the doctor's paper that hasn't been signed yet. The doctor guesses what is wrong and then asks the student to sign their paper and they part company. Its amusing if you play up how odd it is that the doctor doesn't actually try to help the patient. After a time limit see how many signs the students collected.

Before you start practice the vocab a lot. I usually do each gesture and have the students call out what's wrong.

The next is a group activity. The students take turns coming to the teachers and asking the teacher what's wrong. The teacher tells them and they go back to their group to pick advice and bring it back to the teacher. The teacher says thanks and then the next member of their group comes up to do the second dialogue. Each group should have a copy of the advice paper.


Doctor Doctor.docx

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Estimated time: both activities take about 40 minutes

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

April 05, 2019


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