Famous Canadians and My Memories

A short quiz introducing the past tense of the be verb and also the when connection. A follow up writing activity.

A very short two choice quiz about famous Canadians. There are only four questions. This should be done in groups.

It is followed by a writing activity where the students pick a time from their life and write two sentences about it.

For example 'When I was in the second grade at my old school, I hated by teacher'

Then they draw a picture connected to the time and show the teacher. I reward stickers if they complete two or three rounds. This is solo work.

To make it more of a commmunication activity. When they come to read their sentences ask them questions.

A second version includes the survivor game. You can find the rules for that game here.



Famous Canadians Follow Up Writing Activity.docx

Famous Canadians What were they.pptx

2nd Year Famous Canadians with Survivor Game.docx

2nd Year Famous Canadians with Survivor Game.pptx

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Estimated time: The quiz plus the writing should take 25 to 30 minutes. Maybe less in classes with really fast learners.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

April 04, 2019


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