Drawing Challenge

A short activity for practicing simple be verb sentences

Give every student a worksheet and one card. They draw that picture in the first box after you've demonstrated the activity.

Then the students mingle, make a pair and ask 'What's this?' showing their picture. The partner then guesses 'It's a ...' or 'That's a ...'

If they guess correctly they sign the paper. If incorrect maybe give a hint and guess again. Then they switch.

Once they've collected four signs they come to the teacher, do the same dialogue with the teacher and then get the next card. Be sure to take their old cards when they get a new card.

They do that for three rounds. The fourth through sixth round they can draw anything they like.

End the activity when a few students are finished the 6 rounds.


Drawing Challenge (What is this).docx

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Estimated time: 15 minutes including a demonstration

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

April 04, 2019


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