Train Travel Directions Activities

Quizzes, maps and worksheets to be used for giving train directions.

There are two quizes. The Japan one is based on travel from schools I've worked at to Tokyo Sky Tree. They would mean nothing at other schools in other towns. I include them as an example. They are easy to modify to give the route from your schools to a famous landmark. DON'T USE THEM AS THEY ARE...unless you replaced me at those schools, in that case enjoy.

There is a two choice quiz where the students can work in groups and guess what country the station is from.

There is a two choice quiz linking schools and Tokyo Sky Tree.

There is a short presentation about train travel in Canada.

There is a sample map to be used with the worksheets. The Osaka map is from New Crown.

The worksheets include a train map (either Osaka from New Crown or a fantasy Canada map)

The ALT or teacher asks for directions. Students work in groups or pairs to map the directions and then come to the teacher and complete the conversation. The teacher them gives them the next distination.

You can reward them random points, make it a horse race type activity on the board or give stickers for completing three or four conversations.

I've added an updated version that has random point slides. The students complete the question, present it to a teacher and then pick a train. The points range from 1 to 3, 5 and -3. If they get 5 or -3 the next slide message appears and you go onto a new slide. Regardless after they finish a question give them the next question. I use this type of activity with a tablet so the students can press the buttons and manage their team points and the teachers just focus on checking answers and giving questions.


Train Presentations (Canada Town).pptx

Train Presentations (Osaka Map).pptx

Train Travel Talk Osaka.docx

Trains Canada.docx

Train Travel Activities Updated.pptx

Train Presentations Updated with Point Get Game.pptx

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Estimated time: I usually do 1 quiz and the write and race activity and that takes 40 minutes. Small classes can do more.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

April 03, 2019


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