Kyoto Invasion

A power point game that can be adapted to many lesson points

Kyoto Invasion Game

This game can be adopted to many lesson plans. I'll be describing a fill in the blanks version of the activity. It is played in groups. Their worksheets have incomplete sentences. They will use the key words on the screen and a little thinking to fill in the blanks. The key words in red need to be changed. For example 'run' should be 'ran'.

The first several screens just give an outline of Kyoto and set up the story.

The next is the demonstration screen. Click once to show the incomplete sentence. Click again to show the keywords and click again to show the answwer. Then click on the number 1. A missile will miss a UFO. A miss gives the team 1 point. Click on the number 2 and the UFO will be hit. This gives the team 2 points. Each round a team can only pick a number once. Click anywhere again to show the bonus sentence. If they have time while waiting for other groups they can write a bonus sentence for 1 extra point.

Click to the ready screen and make groups and hand out all the papers. Then click again to see the first scene. Click on the landmark once and a mother ship arrives. Click on the landmark again and the key words arrive. As students bring their answers up you click on the numbers to see if they hit or miss the small guard UFOs. Once all the teams have come up you click on the key words to show the example answer. If there are still guard UFOs remaining you can ask bonus questions to give groups a chance to pick another number. Do that until all the guards are gone or the number of guards equal the numbers remaining. If all the guards are gone then click on the green button and watch the fireworks. If any guards remain click on the red button and watch the landmark vanish. Then move onto the next screen and next challenge. Note some landmarks are people.

After the game their is a writing sheet. Students can complete it in groups or on their own. If there is time I'll ask the students questions as they come up with their completed writing. I generally reward stickers if they complete 2 or 3 questions.


Kyoto Invasion (2nd Year Review).docx

Kyoto Invasion (2nd Year Review).pptx

Kyoto Invasion Key Words Game (PASSIVE ONLY).docx

Kyoto Invasion Key Words Game (PASSIVE ONLY).pptx

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Estimated time: 25 to 30 minutes maybe the full lesson if you are doing the follow up writing.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

April 02, 2019


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