"How long have you...?" Bingo

Students practice the question "How long have you ____?" by playing bingo with each other.
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First, pass out the paper. It's probably best to print it double-sided if you can.

Next, draw a 4 by 4 box (identical to the "Round 1" chart on the paper) on the blackboard and write the numbers 1 to 14 anywhere you like in the blank squares. I try to make a show of pausing to consider where to write the next number to get across to the students that they can write them in any position. Ask the students to write their own numbers on their papers for Round 1. Once they're finished, begin the game by asking the JTE "How long" questions, such as:

  • How long have you taught English?
  • I've taught English for seven years.

Whatever number the JTE answers, write it on the board and ask the students to circle it on their papers for Round 1. I usually ask the JTE about three questions, and then ask them to trade questions with me. Every time one of the teachers answers, note the number, write it on the blackboard, and ask the students to circle it. It's no problem if you get a duplicate number. Just go to the next question. If you ask a question like "How long have you played the cello?" and the JTE answers "I don't play the cello," circle the "I don't" square. The "For a long time" square acts as a cop-out if the answerer doesn't want to give a precise number. If you want to be generous, you can ask questions where the answer might be in weeks or months instead of years. This might give the potential for more numbers.

Play as long as you like, perhaps with students eventually raising their hands and asking questions. I usually stop it after a few students get bingos. Now that they've listened and understood the activity, I ask them to play Round 2 and Round 3 in pairs. I use 1 through 14 as the numbers since I play this in Junior High and they're all around 14 years old. If you play it with older students you could probably use a wider number range.


How long have you bingo.docx

Total 3

Estimated time: 25-30 minutes

Submitted by: Jake W

April 29, 2018


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