Plural Monster Drawing

Students draw monsters while practicing body parts.

Archived from Englipedia.
Originally submitted by Joyce P. Le on May 25, 2008.


  • Review with students the body parts by playing Simon Says or some other body parts warm-up game.
  • Have each student fill in the blanks with the # of body parts they want. Remember to emphasize that this game is to practice their plural nouns so make sure students use the nouns.
  • After they fill in the blanks with numbers + body parts, have students find a partner and share. Students can janken and the winner will say be the first to share while the loser will be listening and drawing his/her partner's monster, and then they switch roles.
  • Give students 10-15 minutes to finish the task. If you want, have the JTE choose a few students whose monsters look the scariest or the funniest & reward the students.



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Estimated time: 15-30 min

Submitted by: Englipedia Archive

April 02, 2019


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