My week

Students practice the days of the week by writing out their weekly schedules.

The goal of this activity is to reinforce the meaning of days of the week using real-world examples.

I start by writing Sunday through Saturday up at the top of the blackboard. You might want to do a quick meaning check to make sure the students remember what each day is. Then I write four or five things I generally do on each day of the week. For example, on Sunday, I write "I cook curry." On Wednesday, I write "I go to the gym." Since I'm usually teaching with a co-teacher, I ask them what things they do in their weekly routine as well. Once we have four or five examples each, I pass out the papers and ask the students to write what they do during their week.

I try and write a few examples on the board like "I go to..." "I practice..." "I watch..." If the students absolutely can't think of anything, they can write "I come to school." It doesn't have to be something they absolutely do every week, just something that they think of as part of their routine. I ask them to write at least four things, but you can change that number depending on the level of the class.

Once they've finished writing, ask the students to stand up and read their sentences to each other with "On (day), I..." For example, "On Friday, I watch Doraemon." If the other student does the same thing, they can say "Me too!" and sign their name. At the end, you can check for who has the highest "Me too!" count, since that was most likely a student who spoke a lot.


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Estimated time: 20 minutes

Submitted by: Jake W

June 09, 2018


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