Twisted Pictionary

Students have ten seconds to draw a picture and have their teammates guess it.

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Originally submitted by Franchesca Ocampo on Jun 08, 2008.


  • Split the class into groups. The first person from each group stands up and goes outside the classroom and receives a sentence. Once they understand the meaning of the sentence, they are brought back into the class.
  • When you say "Go!", they have ten seconds to draw the picture. For bigger classes, you might provide teams with scratch paper and have them draw from their desks.
  • The first group to guess the picture receives the points.
  • Some example sentences include: "Hello kitty is swimming. Doraemon is playing kendo. A gorilla is dancing. Anpanman is running on the moon."


  • You can use this warm-up for any grammar point, for example: "Is that a gorilla?"


  • More advanced classes might be able to handle more advanced sentences: "Hello kitty is swimming with a gorilla on her back."


  • Class could get very loud when guessing.

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Estimated time: 5-15 min

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March 25, 2019

dorbo June 25, 2019

I use this game for when I finish early. Some of my favourites are a cat eating a person (one person always does a person eating a cat), godzilla dancing, Really strong me. Enjoy!

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