Relative Matching

Students make sentences using 'that/which' Relative Pronouns.

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  • After the JTE provides a grammar lesson explaining the usage of the relative pronouns 'that/which' the ALT provides students with the worksheet and discusses any unfamiliar words: tower, painting, museum, etc.
  • The ALT then instructs students to match the place or thing contained in the "This is" column to the correct information contained in the "It's" and the "that/which" columns to the right. However, before doing so the students must number (1-6) the boxes beside the names for the places or things in the "This is" column. For example, the Eiffel Tower is Number 1 and E.T. is Number 6. Students use the same corresponding numbers to match the correct boxes in the "It's" and "that/which" columns to the right.
  • After the students have completed matching the boxes they must then make a sentence for each sequence of matching numbers. For example: "This is the Eiffel Tower. It's a famous tower that I visited in Paris."
  • Once the students have written their six sentences the ALT then selects six students to read one sentence each.


  • To be left to the discretion of the individual ALT.


  • This is a lesson for New Horizon (book 3, unit 6, p 60-61), but can easily be applied to any JHS English textbook.



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Estimated time: 25 min

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March 23, 2019


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