Parfait Buffet

Students get into groups and compete to make the most or best parfaits.

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Originally submitted by Joyce P. Le on Mar 17, 2010.

MATERIALS NEEDED: (not included)

  • Small flashcards or plastic food. There needs to be enough fruits for each group to make a parfait
  • Plastic cups: One per group


  • After reviewing the vocab (the ingredients needed to make a parfait), teach the target grammar/sentences from Hi Friends Lesson 9.
  • Students get into groups and play Janken to decide who goes first.
  • The group should decide what kind of fruit they need to make a parfait. Teachers should decide beforehand how many fruits/ingredients a group needs to have to make a parfait. Make sure each group has the same number of fruits.
  • The first student from each group will go to the HRT/ALT and ask for a fruit using the dialogue/sentences they learnt.
  • Before the teacher answers or gives the student the fruit, they will play Janken. If the student wins, the teacher gives the student the fruit and they go back to their group and the next student will go to the teacher for another fruit. If the student loses, they go back to the group empty-handed and the next student will come to the teacher and repeat the process.
  • The first group to collect all the fruits needed to make a parfait brings their parfait to the teacher to become the "Parfait Champion".


  • Instead of the first group becoming the "Parfait Champion", the team simply receives one point for their team and the teachers collect all the fruits and the next round begins. The group with the most parfaits wins.
  • To make the game harder, if a group loses 2-3 times at Janken, make that group return one of their fruits.


  • It is recommended to give each group a baton or some sort of item to pass around the group. The baton will act as a ticket to go to the teachers for fruits. This way, teachers can ensure that only one student from each group will be up at a time. This will also make sure students won't cheat and have two members asking fruits simultaneously.

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Estimated time: 15-30 min

Submitted by: Englipedia Archive

March 21, 2019


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