How Many Monsters

Students practice asking "How many?" and review body parts by drawing monsters.

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Originally submitted by Alyson Carr on Dec 18, 2009.


HowManyMonsters attachment (Alyson's):

  • Includes one worksheet and various monster-drawing templates.
  • Body parts cards and a hat: Simply draw simple body parts onto small cards and place them in a hat or some other container where the students can draw from without seeing what is drawn on the cards.

HowManyMonsters attachment (Anonymous): Word or jpg

-To see how Joseph uses his version, refer to Variations below.


  • After introducing and/or reviewing body parts, pass out the monster templates randomly to students. Having four different templates adds more variety and fun to the activity.
  • After the students write their names at the top of their paper, allow one student to pull a body part card from the hat. Let's say the student pulls an 'eye' card, (s)he then tells the class: "Please draw some eyes." Tell the students that they can draw as many eyes as they want.
  • Then, each student passes their monsters to the person behind them. The students in the back seats give their monsters to the student who is seated in the front of their row.
  • Then, another student chooses a body part from the hat. The process is repeated until all the body parts have been drawn from the hat.
  • Students return the completed monsters to the person whose name is on the top of the paper. This will produce much laughter!
  • Finally, have the class split into pairs and hand out the 'How many..." worksheet. They ask each other the questions on their worksheets: "How many legs does your monster have? How many arms does your monster have?" etc.


  • Instead of the students working in pairs for the worksheet activity, have them mingle around the class asking various students 'How many...' questions.

Joseph's Variation:

  • First practice the names of the monsters, and then hand out the attachment.
  • Divide the class into groups. Read each question below and the students have to count each monster and write down the number. If you want to make things interesting you can add a timer.

  • How many devils? 11 devils

  • How many Frankensteins? 8 Frankensteins

  • How many ghosts? 25 ghosts

  • How many mummies? 8 mummies

  • How many vampires? 7 vampires

  • How many werewolves? 19 werewolves

  • How many witches? 23 witches

  • How many zombies? 14 zombies


  • Add the words "hand" and "foot" to the hat after "arm" and "leg" have been chosen. Remind students that the plural of "foot" is "feet."




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Estimated time: 15-30 min

Submitted by: Englipedia Archive

March 15, 2019


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