Alphabet Madness

An activity to motivate students to write the alphabet faster.

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Originally submitted by Karmila Harder on Mar 5, 2015.


  • pencil and paper
  • dice (one per group)


  • If it's a big class, split into groups. If it's a small class have them gather in a circle.
  • Place a die and a marker or pen or pencil (not the mechanical kind) in the middle of each group.
  • Tell students to determine order. Hand out a piece of paper to write on for each student.
  • In their determined order, first student will roll the die. If that student rolls a 6, the student can pick up the pen and start writing the alphabet. While the student is writing, the other members will rush to roll a 6. If they do, that member who rolled a 6 will take the pen from the student that is writing and start writing on their own paper.
  • Winner of the game is the one who writes A-Z correctly first.


  • Could be played up to 3 rounds:
  • First round can be only capital letters.
  • Second round can be only lower case letters.
  • Last round can be both capital and lower letters together. (Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd etc)


  • This game is best with 4-5 students per group. If there's more than that, it can get violent. Maybe with older kids, it's possible with 10 in a group.


  • The reason why I don't use a mechanical pencil is that it tends to have accessories and it's sharp. Possibility of kids getting hurt is very high. I'd rather have students accidently getting inked by markers rather than hurt by sharp pencils.
  • Make sure it's the person who writes correctly first. Common mistakes for lower case letters are Bs and Ds, Js and Cs, Hs and Ns.

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Estimated time: 10 min

Submitted by: Englipedia Archive

March 13, 2019


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