Matching Animals Memory Game

Students make sentences using the pictures on the cards to try and match the hidden animals.

I use this primarily for SIMPLE PAST or for 'when he was sleeping, she studied' type sentences. I think it could be adapted to other language points though.

There is a powerpoint version you can play the game with. In most classes I use the powerpoint (or the large cards) to introduce some vocabulary (for the simple past) and demonstrate the activity. With a very small class or a very outgoing class the powerpoint could stand on its own as a full activity.

Making the cards takes a lot of preparation. I print out one set and then change the small number 1 on each card to a 2 then print those out. That way each set is distinct and easy to keep organized. If your town is cool with color printing making the borders different colors looks great. Attach an animal card to the back of each action card then laminate so they last longer.

To play the card game, spread the cards around the desks, action side up and then take turns making sentences and flipping two cards. For example simple past sentences like 'He skied yesterday' and 'She rode a bike yesterday'. If the two animals match the player takes the cards and continue to the next player. If they don't then flip them over again and continue to the next player. Play until all cards are claimed or you reach a time limit.

For the powerpoint. You can click on an action after speaking to reveal the animal and then click on the animal to flip the card back over. If a match has been made click on the yellow bars under the cards to make those animals vanish. There are two screens. On the 'When...was' version there are also example sentences.


Memory Game (Simple Past).pptx

Memory Game (When...was).pptx

Memory Game BIG Cards Demonstration.docx

Memory Game Cards.docx

Memory Game Vocabulary (Simple Past).docx

Memory Game Vocabulary (When..was).docx

Memory Game Worksheet (Simple Past).docx

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Estimated time: I'd say at most 30 minutes.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

March 13, 2019


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