The Sleeping Game

Students work together to put sentences in the right order.

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Originally submitted by Charlotte Steggall on Apr 28, 2010.

- Split students into their cleaning groups (or groups of 5 or 6) and get them to push their desks together.
- Ask them to decide the order of the group members. (I find it's always best to actually confirm that they have done this by asking all the 1s to put their hand up, then the 2s and so on).
- Tell all the students to go to sleep.
- Teacher writes a word on the board from a scrambled sentence (that has 6 words or more). For example if "I played tennis with my friends" is your secret sentence, you can write "played" first.
- All the 1s "wake up", look at the word, memorise it, then go back to sleep.
- Erase the 1st word and then write another word from the sentence. The 2s wake up, memorise it, then go back to sleep.
- Carry on like this until all the words have been shown. If you have more words than students in a group, then the order goes back to the 1st student and goes round again.
- All students then wake up, and talk with each other and try to put the sentence back together again. Once they think they have done it, they run to the teacher's desk to get it checked. The first team with the correct sentence gets the point.


  • Most JHS classes have one or two students who are very low level, and with these students I try to memorise (with the help of the JTE) what number in the group's order the student is, then make sure I do easy words like "the" or "and" or something for them.

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Estimated time: 50 min

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March 13, 2019


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