Who kidnapped Miki Ando?

Students translate Perfect Present sentences from Japanese to English in order to solve the mystery of who kidnapped Miki Ando.
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Originally submitted by Lindsay Upton on Jun 28, 2010.


  • After dividing the students into groups, explain the premise of the game.
  • First, the JTE should read the first clue in Japanese to the whole class. In groups, the students should work together to translate the clue into English.
  • When they have finished it, one student from each group will go to the ALT and read the English clue. Once the sentence is approved by the ALT, the ALT will send them to the JTE who will give them the next clue to translate.
  • Continue until the groups have translated all the clues. NOTE: Groups should rotate who goes up to the ALT each time.
  • The groups should try to figure out the WHO (kidnapped Miki Ando) and WHERE (she is).Those who finish first, with correct WHO and WHERE answers, win.
  • Go over all the sentences for review/to double check their translation


  • Students seemed to have trouble differentiating between "has never been to" and "has not been to since 2001", so it is a good idea to explain that part again at the end the game.



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Estimated time: 50 min

Submitted by: Englipedia Archive

March 12, 2019

Musakuu October 02, 2019

I just used this game. It worked pretty good, but we finished a bit quickly. A quick review of the sentences and a criss cross game brought us in at exactly the right time. Thanks!

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