Give us a Card, Please

Students exchange cards with their classmates, practicing 2 sentence patterns: "Give me a card," and "Give us a card."

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Originally submitted by Norm Cook on Apr 15, 2014.


  • Pass out the worksheet and practice reading the dialog.
  • Pass out the card sheets (1 sheet per student). Each column of students gets a unique card sheet (assuming there are 6 columns in your classrooms). Have the students cut out the cards and sign each one.
  • Students practice and perform the first dialog on the work sheet: "Please give me a card." They walk around the classroom, find a friend, and exchange cards while practicing the target sentences.
  • When all 4 cards have been exchanged, students return to their desks and write sentences based on whom they received the cards from. note: Students using Total English textbooks will not have learned past tense by this point, so the written sentences "Bob gives me a lion card," will have to be used instead of the more natural "Bob gave me a lion card."
  • (Optional) Put students into pairs or groups of 3 and give each pair/group 1 sheet of cards to sign and cut. Students repeat steps 2 and 3, walking around and using the target sentence, "Please give US a card."


  • While the first half of this activity usually runs smoothly, the second half of this worksheet, "Give us a card," can be difficult to get across or have the students perform. Some students will refuse to walk around with their partner; only one pair/group member will speak; etc. I haven't found a consistently effective way to present this half of the activity. If you find a good method, please comment! Alternatively you might consider skipping the second half.



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Estimated time: 25 min

Submitted by: Englipedia Archive

March 11, 2019


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