Are you Anpannman?

This is a simple game in which the students become a member of the Sazae-san family. The goal of the game is find the other characters and make Sazae-san's family.

Cut out the family member cards and make sure there at least one card per student. (In the attachment)

After handing out the family member cards to the students and telling them that the cards are secret, have the students write the name of their character in the blank on the top of the worksheet.
The students can than write their own name in the correct possition of the chart on the bottom of the worksheet.
Demonstrate the two types of conversations that are shown on the worksheet with the English teacher and practice with the students.
Then, have the students all stand up and look for a partner.
The students play Janken and the winner gets to introduce themself as their character.
If the winner correctly guesses the loser's character, the loser must sign the winner's worksheet in the correct place.
The students than find a new partner and play again.
The first student to put together Sazae-san's family is the winner.


The students can choose their own character instead of dealing with the character cards.


If you find that it is taking too long for the students to make Sazae's family you can tell the students that you and the English teacher will become any character, but only once.

New Crown 1 - Lesson 1


NEW CROWN 1 -Lesson 1 - Are you Anpannman.doc

New Corwn 1 - Lesson 1 - Are you Sazae san.doc

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Estimated time: 20-35 min

Submitted by: ALTopedia

May 14, 2018


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