Country Matching Card Game and Quiz

This is a powerpoint quiz meant as a lead in for a concentration style card game.

I originally intended this as a activity with my 6th year elementary school students when they were doing 'Hi Friends 2'. I have used it with some 2nd year junior high classes and now 5th grade elementary classes studying the new 'We can 1'.

Start with the powerpoint quiz. Introduce the 11 countries and the phrase 'I want to go to...' Then give them the worksheet and maybe practice the country names again.

Round One of the quiz is about food. Use the first slide to practice 'I want to eat sushi in...'. Then in groups go through the slides showing each food and have the students guess. One student from each group can come up and give their answer to a teacher. After each group has given an answer you can do an answer check. 'Where do you want to eat sushi?'

The second round uses things to see.

After the quiz tell the students they will be playing a card game. Along with the teacher demonstrate the game. I print the cards out so the backs are different colors, red for the country, blue for what to see and purple for what to eat. Spread the cards around the desk and pick first a red card saying 'I want to go to...that country' then a blue card 'I want to see...that place' and then a purple card 'I want to eat...that food'. If all three cards match then take them and continue with the next player. If they don't match then flip them over again and continue with the next player. The students will have the worksheet as a reference to help them remember the foods and places.

This is a fun card game but it isn't easy. I find the elementary school kids do better than the junior high kids and the JTE and myself are pretty much useless at remembering which card is which. Young flexible brains seem to have an easier time with it.

I usually set a time limit and the groups see how much they can clear. I find it takes at least 20 minutes for any group to finish call the cards. For junior high classes I've included a simple writing page where students can write about things they want to do.

The card game takes quite a bit of preparation since they need to be cut out and laminated for 9 to 10 groups. The powerpoint quiz can be used on its own though as a warm up or an introduction to the infinitive.

With the elementary school classes I often let them write the country names in katakana on the worksheet.


Country Matching Cards.docx

Country Matching Presentation.pptx

Country Matching Worksheet.docx

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Estimated time: With the quiz and the card game it takes a full lesson. With the elementary school classes I sometimes split it in two doing the quiz one lesson and the card game the next.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

February 22, 2019


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