Channel Surfing Vocabulary Practice

A memory challenge. It was made for pages 8-11 of the 1st year New Crown Text Book.

Set up the TV and computer or tablet and tell the students they will see five pictures. They should try to remember the pictures they saw then write the words out on the worksheet in the order they appeared. Do the first screen as a demonstration with the class helping the teacher. Once the teacher writes all five words on the board they read them to the ALT and then pick one of the color boxes. This will will make random points appear on the center of the TV.

After the demonstration round have the students make groups and do the remaining five rounds. Once each team has finished I do an answer check then move onto the next round. If there are groups that aren't participating and can't be motivated then it might be necessary to set a time limit and move on without them completing the round. With the answer checks at least all groups will participate a bit.

I usually use this at the beginning of the year with first year classes but I think it could be used later as a review. I generally let them use their textbooks.


Rather than having every student write every word they can divide the task and using cut out pieces of paper write one or two words each and then only student collects the papers and brings them to the teacher.


Channel Surfing 1st Year Vocab Practice.docx

Channel Surfing 1st Year Vocab Practice.pptx

Channel Surfing Lines Only.docx

Channel Surfing (2 words max).docx

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Estimated time: It can take most of the lesson time

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

February 20, 2019


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