Students review recent vocabulary by quizzing each other.

I made this game to make vocabulary review into a student-centered activity.

In general, the game works like this: Each student needs to choose six words from the table at the bottom. I fill this up with vocabulary words from the most recent chapter of the textbook that we've been covering in class. They write both the English and Japanese meanings in the squares at the top of the worksheet.

Next, they quiz six different classmates on the meaning of those words. For round 1, they say the word in English and their partner says the same word in Japanese. They shouldn't look at their worksheets while they're answering, but as long as they're reinforcing the meaning in their head, it probably isn't a big deal. For round 2, they do the opposite - they say the word in Japanese, and their partner says the word in English. Then they switch again for round 3, and so on. If their partner gets the answer correct, they check the box, and leave it blank if their partner was incorrect. Once they've finished asking their partner the 6 words, they total up the partner's correct answers and write them on the right. Once they've quizzed 6 different classmates, they can sit down and total up their final score. Did anyone get 36?!

The final score doesn't matter at all, of course. It's all just a way to make vocabulary review into sort of a small game. Any one student becomes very familiar with their six words, and since they'll be talking with six different partners, they'll probably be exposed to just about all of the other vocabulary as well. This is a good activity to do before tests, and putting a word that you really want students to remember can help with that a lot!

To explain it to the class, I've found the best way is to just demonstrate it. I draw the 6-word box on the blackboard and write two rows corresponding to 1 and 2 on the worksheet. I pick a student (or the JTE) and quiz them on the six words I've written up on the blackboard, checking the boxes as they get correct answers. The answers are quite obvious since it's written right in front of them, but it's just to get the general point across. Wow, six points! That's great!

Feel free to alter the rules of the game as necessary, of course! I've attached a template and an example for New Crown 2nd year lesson 7. When you're writing the Japanese word for each English word, I'd recommend using the definitions from the textbook the students are using to eliminate confusion. If the word is too long, try shrinking the font size a little.


36 vocab - 2nd year Lesson 7.docx

36 vocab Template.docx

Total 0

Estimated time: 15-20 minutes, but if the students have done it a few times you can make them go faster

Submitted by: Jake W

February 18, 2019


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