Simple 'YES' or 'NO' interview activity. Its mean for practicing 'Did you' questions and negative past tense writing.

The students get into groups and take turns asking the teachers questions. It can be done in pairs or solo in a smaller class.

I usually draw a demonstration grid on the board and ask the JTE a few questions.

They don't write down the questions. One member comes up and asks a question using the key word on the paper. If the teacher answers 'Yes, I did' then on the line with the '0' they write the positive answer. If the teacher answers 'No, I didn't' then on the line with the 'X' they write the negative answer. After everyone has written down the teacher's answer another member comes up and asks a new question.

Things to note. Make it clear they must use a time frame in their questions. They can't just ask 'Did you play a game?' instead they should use 'Did you play a game last week?'. You can print out a sheet for each group with time frames or direct them to the page in the textbook. In the current New Crown 1 they are on page page 113.

Also in the first box they should write the teacher's name if they are interviewing both teachers. In the second box write he or she. If the are only interviewing the ALT (Smaller classes) then they should just use the pronoun.

One worksheet just has questions and the other has space for writing sentences using the questions. For example 'He didn't play soccer yesterday' or 'She ate rice this morning'. To use that worksheet make sure they've covered irregular verbs.

If they complete the worksheet within the time frame given I usually reward stickers or I give stickers if they complete half depending on how much time they'll have or how generous I'm feeling.

As a warm up for this activity I usually pair it with 'Go Fish'.
You can find it here.

Or use the UNO cards without the special cards to play Go Fish. This is what I do more often now.
You can them here.


Hey Teacher Interview and Writing 'simple past regular verbs'.docx

Hey Teacher Interview and Writing 'regular verbs' Q and A Separated.docx

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Estimated time: Including a demonstration about 20 to 25 minutes.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

February 12, 2019


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