BATTLESHIP (template only)

This is a short powerpoint version of battleship. It can used as an introduction to a pair battleship game or maybe an activity with a smaller class.

I made this one years ago but never used it for anything. I intended it as a colorful way of introducing pair battleship. If somebody likes battle ship you might find this useful.

There are two screens. A demonstration screen and a main game screen. Even the main game screen is small so it's not made to be played very long.

When somebody makes a sentence you click on the blue square in the grid then hit the fire button and wait for the boat to either be hit or missed. Wait until after the hit or miss message disappears before hitting the arrow button. The arrow button takes you back to the main grid. If you go back to the main screen before the miss or hit message disappears it will cause the game to clitch a bit since each square actually takes you to the same 2 slides so that message will still be visible.

This might be good for brief fun in a smaller class.


BATTLESHIP (template).pptx

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Estimated time: Not sure but definitely not long

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

February 07, 2019


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