Present continuous - I'm playing tennis.

An activity worksheet that practices presesent continuous, for example, "I'm eating ramen."

In step one, students match the words with the pictures, for example, "I'm eating lunch." or "I'm eating ramen now." (depending on the teacher's preference). Step 2 and 3 entail the teacher writing an X in one of the 4 boxes (the x already in the box is for reference only, and should be removed) to indicate what the student is doing. The students then ask other students "What are you doing now?" (using a method of the teacher's choosing) and put an x in some or all of the other boxes. Next, put students into pairs and look at the bottom section of the worksheet. One person in the pair makes a sentence from the different boxes, and the other student has to try to guess (by first writing the sentence and then saying it). The second student can only reply by saying a number from 0 to 3 to indicate how many of the guessed sentence fragments are correct. The first student keeps going until he/she finds the correct sentence. They then swap roles.



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Estimated time: 10 to 15 minutes.

Submitted by: kentstray

February 06, 2019


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