A discussion activity useful for 3rd year classes.

The odd word out sheet was possibly from the Englipedia. I'm not sure. I've had it in my folder for years and I often use it when I'm at the end of the year with third grade classes.

The pictures I use as a warm up. I also use them with 1st year students to teach the plural and singular of the 'be verb'. With a 1st year class I use the writing page but with a 3rd year class I do not.

For the warm up each group gets a color picture of the main page and a black and white copy of the check sheet. There are two check sheets on one page so cut them out first. They work in groups to decide what is different about one of the pictures then come to the ALT or JTE with their check sheet and point to one of the pictures and tell the difference. For example 'It is a cat but they are penguins'. If the teacher likes the idea they check the box on that picture. The box is checked so groups don't do the same picture over and over again. Continue until one team finishes all the pictures or for 10 minutes.

Then hand out the Odd Words Out sheet and tell the students it is basically the same activity but this time they must pick the odd word out and tell the teachers why it doesn't match. You can use the example saying 'It's New York because the other cities are in Japan'. They can do them in any order. They pick one, discuss why it is different and then go to a teacher and tell the teacher their reason. The teacher then checks that number on the worksheet. When they go back to their group make sure they know everyone in the group should then check that number before moving onto a new one.

I used to use this in high school classes as well. It is a fun but difficult exercise.


ODD ONE OUT (pictures).docx

ODD ONE OUT (words).doc

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Estimated time: Both activities together should take most of a lesson but you can set time limits.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

February 06, 2019


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