A battle power point game similiar to the Battle for Japan activity or Invasion USA. The groups work at their own speed though.

I'ved added a 2nd Year Version for the Infinitive. It includes an introductory 3 choice quiz, country posters to give ideas about what they can do in various countries (this was originally based on an co-workers worksheet) and the Jankan Soccer game. You can find the rules for that here.

Altogether it should take a full lesson.

The rules of this activity are basically the same as Battle for Japan with two main differences.

Set up the TV and computer or tablet and start the activity. The UFO arrives, a robot comes down and scares off the people. The students will play the role of invading robots and see which color robot army wins the most territory.

There is a demonstration screen with a couple of example questions. Like the battle for Japan game both ALT and JTE will answer each question (There are 2) and take over one of the three territories. After the JTE has answered the second question there is no longer any available territory so the ALT will have to roll a die and get a 4, 5 or 6 to take over one of the JTE's countries. If you roll a 1 2 or 3 you fail to take territory that turn. It is only necessary to roll if the territory you want is already conquered.

To show the questions and answers click on the example questions screen and then on the questions and answers. To take a territory click on the flag to make a robot appear and then click on the robot to change it's color.

There are four colors so groups will be allied with each other thus in a class that breaks into 6 groups there will be 2 red teams, 2 blue teams and 2 yellow teams.

The main difference between this activitiy and battle for Japan is that once a group has finished one question they can immediately move onto the next question. They either already have the questions on their worksheet or they take their territory and then listen to the next question from the ALT or teacher. They don't wait until all groups are finished. This means it works well for more difficult questions or questions that require longer answers. On the downside some groups will do many questions and others will only complete a few.

The other difference is territory doesn't have to be adjacent to other territory. They can take which ever territory they like. It is not as strategic a game and is not as exciting as battle for Japan but it better for deeper practice.

Every student needs a worksheet and every group should have a group sheet. The group sheet is to make sure they don't answer the same question over and over again.

Once one or two groups are finished I usually stop the activity and check to see who the winner is.

I often bring in a tablet for this one so it is easier for both the JTE and ALT to both check answers and control the game screen. Even if the game accidently gets turned off it is easy to remember which color holds which country since there aren't so many. If you use a computer it is still better to have both ALT and JTE manage checking answers, helping students and controlling the game.

There are only 13 territories because it takes much more time to answer each question. This means fighting over territory will start sooner so that the game gets exciting a bit faster.

To move from the demo screen to the main screen click on the white robot and at the end of the game click on the white robot to move to the victory screen. Click on whichever color won and that robot will grow. It's a pretty basic win. I might add a gif at some point to liven it up.

So far I've included a 3rd Year version to be used after the students have read the William Kamkwamba story from the New Crown textbook. I'll include other versions as they come up in my lessons. It is also easy to edit and make your own questions with this activity.


ROBOTS ATTACK THE WORLD 3rd Year NEW CROWN We can change the world.docx

ROBOTS ATTACK THE WORLD 3rd Year NEW CROWN We can change the World.pptx

DOLPHINS ATTACK THE WORLD new crown 'dolphins tale'.pptx

DOPHINS ATTACK THE WORLD new crown dolphins tale.docx

Robots Invade the World 3rd Year Review.docx

Robots Invade the World 3rd Year Review.pptx

New Crown 3 Dolphins Tale (simplified).docx

New Crown 3 Dolphins Tale (simplified).pptx

2年生 ROBOTS ATTACK THE WORLD companion posters.doc

2年生 ROBOTS ATTACK THE WORLD companion Soccer ONE.docx

2年生 ROBOTS ATTACK THE WORLD companion Soccer TWO.docx

2年生 ROBOTS ATTACK THE WORLD worksheet and team record sheet.docx

2年生 ROBOTS ATTACK THE World Quiz and battle game.pptx

Total 1

Estimated time: Including demonstrations it is generally good for about 30 minutes since some groups will go through the questions very quickly.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

February 05, 2019


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