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A "Who Dunnit" game that has students asking other students what they were doing recently.

First, the teacher cuts out the identity cards and hands them out to the students. Then the students put their desks together so that they face each other. In a typical Japanese classroom of over 30 students, this will have three rows of 10 to 12 people who face each other. The teacher then hands out the attached worksheet to the students. The students then, in turns, ask their partner accross from them 3 questions to determine who used the toothbrush. The person answering will use the identity card that they received to provide the information. After students receive an answer, one side stands up and moves up or down one space, and after everyone receives all 5 answers, students can determine whose aliby is a lie, and reveal who was using their toothbrush in the morning. The 5 lines at the end are for students to write the 5 sentences in full.


Did you use my toothbrush this morning2 .docx

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Estimated time: 15-20 minutes

Submitted by: kentstray

February 04, 2019


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