It's too expensive (2nd grade Let's Talk Seven)

New Crown Let's Talk Seven. This is a short powerpoint quiz and a worksheet for practicing the shopping dialogue.

The presentation game can be used as an introduction to either the Let's Talk reading practice or along with the worksheet provided here.

First go over the adjectives and make sure everyone is familiar with them. This can be done with just the presentation or you can also print out those two pages for each group to use as a reference.

Next do the example screen. It has the sentences 'This _____ is too __. Do you have a __ one?'. All the screens will have a similiar sentence. The students look at the picture and decide what two lines make the most sense. On the example screen it is 'This shirt is too big. Do you have a smaller one?'. Along with the JTE make sure the students understand the language and how it relates to shopping.

They will make the two sentences and one member will come up and speak it to the teacher. If the teacher says okay then they pick a letter and their team gets that many points. There are six letters so only the first six teams get points. They must move fast. I generally don't use a writing sheet for this but you could use one if you like. Writing slows down the activity a bit and might cause a lot of waiting for groups with issues.

You click on the picture to see the answer and then click on the answer to move to the next slide.

Once the example screen is done make groups and do the activity. There are a total of eight screens.

The dialogue worksheet is meant for pairs. Two students work together to complete a dialogue, practice it and then come to a teacher and speak it. Depending on the class I'll have them memorize the dialogue and maybe act it out a bit. I often give stickers as rewards if they finish the dialogue twice.


Lets Talk Seven Its too FUN Shopping.docx

Lets Talk Seven Its too Fun Quiz Game.pptx

Its Too Hot Chain Game (its too big).docx

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Estimated time: The two activities should take about 30 minutes total.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

February 04, 2019


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