Comparatives "Totoro is bigger than Mei"

Pair activity to practice comparatives.

Put students into pairs, and give out the A and B worksheets to the pairs. The students can then Janken to determine who will ask the questions first and who will answer. The first student (who is A or B, but for this example, will be A) asks the B student, "Who is Ann?". The B student then finds "Ann is ____________ than Alice" by looking at the pictures and determines that the answer is "happier" (from the word list) and writes it on the line. He/she then answers student A by saying "Ann is happier than Alice. Student B then looks for the corresponding pictures and writes "Ann is happier than Alice" on the lines. After asking all 4 questions the roles are reversed. After that, they write four example sentences of what they have just learned on the lines provided. There are also flash cards for pre teaching and consolidation.


Totoro is bigger than Mei .docx

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Estimated time: 25 minutes

Submitted by: kentstray

January 24, 2019


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