Super Mario Review Quiz

A modified version of the Mario Typhoon Game from the Englipedia with a lot of questions (most) provided by an ALT from Nagaoka named Morgan.
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NOTE: I am looking for suggestions for the 'Showtime' challenges to modify this activity. If you have any newer ideas please share them in the comments. I'll check from time to time. pop culture stuff gets dated fast so new ideas are really appreciated.

I do this quiz game at the end of the year. It is based on the current 'New Crown' textbooks.

It is a group quiz game that can be done in two ways. It can be done as either a traditional quiz game or as a race and speak quiz game. I prefer the latter but depending on the class and the teacher I sometimes use the former. I'll explain both. For 'race and speak' you need to print out the Mario Point Cards and preferably laminate them so they look nice and don't get too damaged too fast. Make two sets of six, one for the ALT and one for the JTE.

Make groups and have the students select their order. The first student will stand and if they can answer the question they either raise their hand (traditional quiz) or rush to one of the two teachers (race and speak).

In 'race and speak' once they answer the question or do the challenge they pick a point card and see how many points their team gets. I usually stand at the front since I'm using the computer and the JTE is either stationed at the back or moves around. Once every group has answered or you decide time is up do the answer check by clicking once and then click on the STAR. The star will take you back to the main menu. I prefer this style since it gives more students a chance to participate although it means you'll get through fewer questions.

In 'traditional quiz game' style the student that raises their hand the fastest has a chance to answer the question first. If they fail then another group can try. Once somebody gets the answer do the answer check by clicking once. Then click on Mario. This will take you to the points screen. That student picks one of the six cards on the screen to get random points (+1 to +5 coins or -2 koopa). Then click on the revealed card and that will take you back to the main menu to pick the next question. This style is still fun but it does mean more students will just be watching and listening. I use it when time is limited or the JTE really loves traditional quiz games.

Notes about the game. After the title page you click through the various point cards so the students can see what they are. Then you go to the main menu with 48 questions and tell the students how the game is played, either 'quiz game' or 'race and speak'. Click on a number (ALT, JTE or students can pick which ones to do) and that will take you to a question slide.

At a question slide the first thing you'll see is the type of question. Explain these as they come up. 'Please Answer', 'Please Translate', 'What's next' means say next word in sequence, 'please join' means connect two sentences to make one, 'showtime' means do the gesture or action that will be shown on the screen. Most show the question as well however 'Showtime' needs to be clicked again to see the challenge.

After they've answered the question click again to show the answer. The showtime slides don't have an answer check.

Keep track of the points on the board. If I am playing 'race and speak' I have the students record their own points.

At the end the team with the most points is the winner.

MARIO QUIZ New Crown 1-3 tablet Race and Speak Versions

I've just added these. They were adapted to be used on a tablet connected to a TV. The files are small enough they can be transfered by email. Also the point cards are on the screen. After each team has a member complete the task they pick a number card and their team gets those points.

I'd suggest either teams come to one teacher with the answer and the other to get points or both teachers stand near the tablet and handle the points together. Unless you really trust your students I wouldn't let them touch the screen. Normally I allow it but its easy to screw this one up.

To go to the questions you have to click on a box which then turns purple and then click on the purple box. This was a workaround for a problem I was having with links and animations on the ipad.

On the question slides you click on the top banner to show the question and then again on it to show the answer. You click on the star to go back to the main screen. On the main screen if you click on Mario you go to 'game over'.


1年生Mario Quiz Revized.pptx

2年生Mario Quiz Revized.pptx

3年生Mario Quiz Revized.pptx

Mario Quiz Revized Cards.docx

3年生Mario Quiz Revized (2019).pptx

1年生Mario Quiz Revized (2019).pptx

2年生Mario Quiz Revized (2019).pptx

MARIO QUIZ New Crown 1 tablet Race and Speak Version.pptx

MARIO QUIZ New Crown 2 tablet Race and Speak Version.pptx

MARIO QUIZ New Crown 3 tablet Race and Speak Version.pptx

Total 2

Estimated time: I mostly use it for half the lesson but it can easily be used for a full lesson activity

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

January 23, 2019


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