In my house... (Passive)

Students write passive sentences to explain which people in their family do what things in their household.

After the students have been introduced to the idea of the passive verb form, I use this activity to help them think of real uses for that particular grammar form.

To start off, I write at the top of the blackboard "In my house..." and then write some examples.

  • The kitchen is cleaned by me.
  • Dinner is cooked by me or my wife.
  • The computer is used by everyone.
  • English and Japanese are spoken.

I check to make sure that the students can understand all of these phrases, and then pass out the worksheet. The students should fill in the information for their house, and this can be a good opportunity to review family member words as well. The last box is free and they can write whatever they want. Once the students have finished writing, ask them to find a partner and read their sentences to each other. If the other student says "Me too!" for anything, they can write their name in the box next to that sentence. You can have them walk around the room, do it in groups, or any other way that works for your particular students.


Passive In my house.docx

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Estimated time: 20 minutes

Submitted by: Jake W

May 12, 2018


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