A 'janken based' pair game useful for practicing many patterns. It is most useful for 'Yes' and 'No' question patterns.

I make copies of each worksheet for each student as well as a blown up (A3) copy for the ALT and the JTE to demonstrate the activity. In some cases I've prepared two matches with different keywords on them. In this case one member of the pair gets the 'match one' sheet and the other gets the 'match two' sheet.

Demonstrating the activity I put the big copy on the board and pair up with the JTE. We decide who will be Brazil and who will be Japan and then we put a colored magnet in the middle of the sheet. Play '1-2-3 janken' and the winner moves towards the opponents goal post one space. The winner then either makes the sentence or asks the question and the loser responds. Repeat. If the same person wins again move another step closer, if they lose then move the magnet towards their goal post. Ask and answer another question and repeat. If the same person has one three times in a row they will get a goal which they record on the sheet and then move the magnet back to the center and continue playing. The game continues until the teacher calls time up. At that point see who won and who tied. If there is time do a second battle with another paper.

Both players get the worksheet so they can do the writing practice but during the game only one worksheet is used. The second worksheet can be used if another round is played.

I've included the versions I've used over the past few years but this is a very flexible activity and can be used for all sorts of language points.

There is space for writing practice but I rarely use it.


SOCCER GAME (Do you like version).docx

SOCCER GAME (Have you ever).docx

SOCCER GAME (like playing Match One).docx

SOCCER GAME (like playing Match Two).docx

SOCCER GAME (like to play).docx

SOCCER GAME (passive version).docx

SOCCER GAME (reduced relative pronoun Match One).docx

SOCCER GAME (reduced relative pronoun Match Two).docx

SOCCER GAME (Simple verbs version).docx

SOCCER match 1 (Infinitive and gerunds).docx

SOCCER match 2 (Infinitive and gerunds).docx

1st Year SOCCER (LIKE 2 rounds).docx

1st Year SOCCER (Simple Verbs 2 rounds).docx

2nd Year SOCCER (Be going to Questions 2 rounds).docx

2nd Year SOCCER (Will Questions 2 rounds).docx

3rd year SOCCER (Have you ever 2 rounds).docx

Total 0

Estimated time: 10 to 15 minutes. It is great as a warm-up.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

January 22, 2019


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