Superlative survey

Students practice superlatives (-est only) by asking each other about people they know.

I pass out the worksheet to the students first because the activity is a little hard to understand without seeing the worksheet.

First, I give each student in the class a number. In my last class, I gave every student a number between 1 and 11. Once I go through the whole class, I assign each student an adjective based on their number. For example:

  1. tallest
  2. shortest
  3. busiest
  4. strongest
  5. cleanest
  6. oldest
  7. youngest
  8. coolest
  9. happiest
  10. fastest
  11. cutest

So students with #1 would write "tallest" on their papers, and so on. For the second blank, I let the students choose between "your family" or "this school (or rather, the school name)." Students with #1 then have a choice between "Who's the tallest person in your family?" or "Who's the tallest person in this school?" You could also do "this class" if you like, but there's some potential for bullying here, so you can decide whether you want to include that or not.

I demonstrate this with the JTE by asking them their opinions on some of the questions. Who's the tallest person in your family? Who's the oldest person in this school? Who's the cleanest person in your family? Hopefully the students and teachers will find some of the questions funny.

Once the students understand what to do, I set them loose to ask each other their question. After about 10 minutes, I ask them to finish and find the top answers they got. If any are particularly funny, you can ask the student to say the question they asked and their top answer.


Superlative survey.docx

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Estimated time: 20 minutes

Submitted by: Jake W

January 21, 2019


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