Totally Awesome Quiz Game

This is a general use quiz game for various group quizes. It is a variation on the typhoon game.

This a powerpoint with six slides that can be used for typhoon game type quiz game.

These are games where you have a list of questions, the students make groups, one member stands up.

They listen to the question and raise their hands if they can answer the question. The student who raises his hand the fastest gets the first chance to answer the question. If the answer is okay they pick a square from the grid, for example '2D' and collect points for their team or get a special effect.

The special effects can be decided by individual teachers and ALTs. I often use the following.

Sunny Day...double existing points or get 5 points if they have no points
Typhoon...good bye points...tough luck
Snowy day...good bye all team's points...hahaha
Happy Dance...4 points plus 2 points for all teams. Remember to say 'thank you' everyone.

I've included an old list of comparative and superlative questions but it can be used with anything.


Comparative and Superlative Quiz Questions.doc

Totally Awesome Quiz Game.pptx


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Estimated time: I'm not a huge fan of quiz games so I generally limit it to 20 minutes at most but if the class and teacher like it then use it for longer.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

January 15, 2019


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