Tsum Tsum Character Writing Game

The main game has the students write about various characters, people or animals

First step is to do a demonstration. The demonstration built into the activity has descriptions of Shinzo Abe and a tiger. Press one button and then the press the blue banners to reveal the model sentences. After doing that click on the answer banner to remove it and tell the students once they've written about a character they should call a teacher. Read their passage about the character, maybe answer a question by the teacher and then pick a letter at the bottom of the screen. This will show how many points their group gets that round. If you like repeat with the second button to do the second demonstration.

After that make groups and give out the worksheet. Unlike other powerpoint games the groups work at their own speed completing one character profile, going to the teacher and getting their points then moving onto another one. When all or most of the points are used up from one screen move onto another screen.

At the end of the activity see how many points each time has gotten and declare a winner.

The Tsum Tsum Game I provided for 1st Years 'He can/She can lessons' opens with 'Fun Fruits' warm up. It starts with a review of adjectives and then a speak and race. In groups they see the picture then one member rushes to the front and makes the simple statement for the JTE, such as 'He is strong' and then they go to the ALT and pick a fruit to see how many points they get. After each time has come do an answer check and move onto the new picture with a new student coming with an answer. I don't have the students write anything here since I want it to move along quickly.

If you want more time for character writing then delete fun fruits and go directly into the main game.


Tsum Tsum Review plus FRUITS TRAITS.docx

Tsum Tsum Review plus FRUITS TRAITS.pptx

Total 1

Estimated time: Most classes can spend an entire lesson on this although smaller classes might get through it quickly

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

January 15, 2019


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