Let's Talk 6 Will you take a message

A few worksheets I use for this New Crown Lesson

The Telephone Talk worksheet I use as a full lesson activity. It is difficult and takes a lot of time.

There are two parts.

In the first part the students usually working in a group take turns coming to the ALT or the JTE and have the telephone dialogue playing the A role. They will try to remember the teacher's message and return to their group with it. Once the group has recorded the message a new member will go to the teacher and have the next dialogue. I generally put a 20-25 minute time limit on this and see how far the groups get then move to the second part.

In the second part the students will work in groups or pairs and create their own telephone dialogues. They then come to a teacher in a pair and demonstrate their dialogue. Depending on time or the class I will have them memorize the dialogue. I generally reward stickers for completing two dialogues.

The other two worksheets are for lessons where you just want to practice 'will you^?' but not the telephone conversation.

On the new best friend worksheet students check five options and then walk around making pairs. They will ask a question from that list such as 'Will you give me some flowers?' and if the student has it checked they answer 'Sure' and then sign and write a message for you. If they don't have it checked they answer 'Sorry, I can't' and don't sign the worksheet. Switch roles say thanks and make new pairs. Including the demonstration I do this for about 10-15 minutes.

The what will you do for me worksheet is a write and race activity. The students work in groups or pairs. The ALT or JTE will speak the first challenge 'You have a big test tomorrow' and then in their group they discuss what they want to request, such as 'Will you help me study?' or 'Will you give me the answers?' and one member brings the answer to the teacher and speaks it. If the ALT or JTE thinks it is acceptable you tell that student the next situation. They relay the message to their group and work together to make the next request. Another student brings the next request to the teacher and get the next challenge.

I generally continue until one or two groups are finished. Including the demonstration I'd say 20 to 25 minutes for this activity.


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January 15, 2019


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