Teacher Can You~?

Basic Interview the ALT and JTE to get Yes or No answers to Can you~~ questions.

I mostly do this in groups although pairs work fine or even individuals in a small enough class.

Do a careful demonstration on the board. Although it is a simple activity to understand there is a point many students make a mistake.

The goal of the activity is for the students learn about their instructors. They specifically learn things the teachers can and can't do.

They should take turns coming to the teacher and asking 'Can you~?' questions. If the answer is 'Yes, I can' then on the worksheet where there is a O they write 'He/She can ~.' if the answer is 'No, I can't' then on the line with a X write 'He/She can't~'.

The tricky point in the demonstration and explanation is the make sure the students understand they should always ask positive Can you questions regardless of what answer they want. Many students will try to ask 'Can't you~?' when trying to get a 'No, I can't answer'.

I generally do a short demonstration where I play the role of the student in a group and the JTE acts as a student.

On the worksheet I substitute the generic pictures of teachers for pictures of myself and the JTE.


Teacher Can You.docx

Teacher Can You (streamlined).docx

Total 1

Estimated time: Including demonstration about 20 minutes if they are interviewing both teachers.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

January 15, 2019


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